Johnny Heineken wins PKRA Germany 2011

podium race

I’m finally back home from Europe after the PKRA Germany race. This was a real eye opener for me–I’ve never seen so much energy go into a kiteboarding event. An entire tent city built on the beach…incredible to say the least.

After a very rough start (5, 6 in the two first races) I was forced to play catch-up for the rest of the week. Adam seemed unreachable in the light conditions, and I had to adjust my riding style drastically to keep up. I found my groove though and moved up one position each day. Two bullets on a windy day helped me out big time.

By the last day Adam and I were only 0.2 pts apart, meaning it came down to the single race we did that day. It was once again super light conditions, in fact marginally even sailable. But the race committee sent us out and we put all we had into making it around the course. I sat in third behind Adam and Julien going into the last weather mark but Adam fell on his tack to layline and I was able to squirt past. I can’t say this is an ideal race but consistency pays! Lucky me…

So after 11 races I won by only 0.8 pts, by far the closest event of the year. It was great for Adam and I to see where we stand against the Euros in really light conditions, and rewarding to see that we can still sail faster than them. I’m going to have to work hard to stay in front of Adam though!


1. John Heineken (USA, Ozone)

2. Adam Koch (USA, Ozone)

3. Julien Kerneur (FRA, Takoon)

4. Olivier Dansin (FRA, North)


1. Katja Roose (NED, Airush)

2. Steph Bridge (GBR, North)

3. Caroline Adrien (FRA, Cabrinha)


1. Tom Bridge (GBR, North)

2. Denis Zurik (POL)

3. Guy Bridge (GBR, North)