1st – PKRA Turkey “Burn World Cup 2012″


Well, this was by far the closest PKRA event of the year. Lots of lead changes, ups and downs, and an exciting finish. I started off strong and was leading after two days, but day 3 was kind of a shocker for me and I gave up my lead.

Going into the final day Bryan Lake (USA) held a 0.4 pt lead over Adam Koch (Ozone, USA) and me, so it was essentially a 3-way tie for first and any one of us could win. Talk about stressful! With three races planned it felt exactly like a Thursday night race at home in San Francisco.

Adam started off with a 2nd place to Riccardo Leccesse (Colombia), just ahead of me and Bryan, so he took the lead. The next race was my turn to get some points. I tacked out to the right side of the course early and got around the top mark just ahead of the pack and held onto first from there. Bryan passed Riccardo on the last downwind and moved into 2nd. Adam was 5th. This race was huge for me, and my crude, on-the-fly math told me I just needed to be top 3 in the last race to seal the deal.

In race 3 I had a good first beat, and was leading at the top mark. From there I sailed conservatively and got a second place, ahead of both the guys I needed to beat. Bryan and Adam had a heated battle going on for 4th. Although Adam crossed the line first, it wasn’t quite enough to put him in second overall. Congrats to Bryan, Adam, and Riccardo for such a great event. I’m sure Germany next week will be even closer…


Final Scores: